Torbay Hospitality Research gives a voice to the sector

We are honoured to be selected to represent Torbay Hospitality Research in promoting their campaign working with hotels and B and Bs. The Torbay Hospitality Research group is gathering data and opinions from local Hoteliers and B and B's to understand the challenges these organisations face, and the challenges and pressures that that sector is undergoing the summer.

A perfect storm

When you think about the hospitality sector, it really is unprecedented. You have this perfect storm of the entire UK essentially going on a staycation. You have the pressures of Brexit, in terms of staffing that there are fewer young people that are available to staff, hotels and B and B's. You have a global pandemic, which is causing all types of restrictions, social distancing, additional cleaning and hygiene protocols, and also the stop-start nature of these regulations.

2020 was a write-off

Hotels and B and B's were essentially closed or had restricted trading for a good part of 2020. And all of this has combined to make it a difficult operating environment, where you've got the pressures to provide the services, no one to provide them, and the environment that you're operating in is always in flux.

Giving the sector a voice

The Torbay Hospitality Research group is going to give this sector of voice, and it's so important for the concerns of each individual hotelier and B and B owner to be heard; to be counted. Their opinions matter when it comes to getting a voice in the community and being heard.

Hospitality is Torbay's lifeblood

Above all else, the hospitality sector is of critical importance to Torbay, and it's really important that everybody rallies around them, to make sure that we are all listening to what they have to say and doing everything that we can to help.

Here to help

At Treat, we are incredibly proud to help this initiative, and to promote it as widely as possible. All of the survey respondents will receive a free copy of the report, and any survey respondent, who is interested in participating in a depth interview has the opportunity to be shown showcased in the press for their opinions.

Gaining insight into the challenges facing the sector

All of the opinions from the surveys are going to form the insights that create the headlines that really need to be told -- and that really matters to Torbay. We want to encourage every hotelier and B and B owner to complete the survey and to have your voice heard.

Spread the word

If you're reading this, and you know somebody who works in the hotel and B and B sector and owns a hotel, B and B, or Airbnb please pass the link on to them to have them complete the survey. The closing date is the 27th of August. The link is:

More to come

In September, the Torbay Hospitality Research group is going to be running a new survey and it's for bars and restaurants, and it talks about all of the pressures that they are facing -- the pingdemic, staffing issues, the list goes on and on.

Standing by our sector

We are Torbay, and hospitality is our sector. This is a group of business owners that must be must have their voices heard and Treat Torbay is so incredibly proud to stand by this worthy research study.

If you are interested in learning more, or want to know how to get involved, please get in touch at

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