Why macro? The second question to create killer content that sells.

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

In our second question, the macro question, we understand the wide implications of your big industry challenge, and start to put context to our content.

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The macro question asks your director / executive / thought leader about the particular reasons why the topic introduced in the previous question matters (to anyone).



Question 2: Give me 3 reasons why this is a challenge facing our industry or our sector.

Your director will respond with high-level concerns about the leading topic that was introduced in the previous question.

Example responses:

1. Problem and very expensive to retrofit offices and our fleet

2. Complicated to re-work packaging to be both durable and recyclable.

3. Manage the supply chain so all our upstream and downstream contractors work to the same ethics we do.

What can you do with the response to question 2?

You now have the words that you need to explore the topic further, creating contextualised content using this simple, recognised analysis framework called PESTEL

This framework name is an acronym of varying combinations of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal reasons. The PESTEL (PESTLE, PEST) framework can give you a better view of this topic by viewing the subject through a range of lenses, giving you more and more to reflect upon and write about.

  • · Political – upcoming global summit in Glasgow

  • · Economic – growth of electronic vehicles, offshore wind,

  • · Social – which demographic is interested in climate change

  • · Technological - energy performance

  • · Environmental - greenhouse emissions, sea levels, polar ice caps

  • · Legal – new regulations

Go back and look at the replies. "Expensive" is an economic issue, "Durability and recycling" are environmental issues. "Supply chain" could do with legal issues of keeping to contractual requirements, or your own corporate governance.

Look for the next blog in the series to learn more about Question 3 - the Meso question. and why this question is central to your business growth.

Download the playbook series here.

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