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Updated: Aug 7, 2021

So, you've run the playbook and invested a lot of time. How do you keep it going?

Re-positioning after you've run the playbook

Take the initial challenge (in the example, we used "climate change") and put it through the lens of different roles within an organisation. Don't know where to start? Use the job titles from your CRM and start profiling customers. Use PESTLE to cluster roles, for example, finance managers, legal and governance teams, customer service managers. What do the people working in these roles need to know about your topic? What are they apprehensive about? What would make their lives easier?

Use this information to then create further blog content or events that speak directly to that audience,. As an example, say you are looking at the economics of climate change targeted to finance managers. You could write a blog about the top 3 challenges facing finance managers, you could write about funding options, and about technological advances that improve efficiency, cheaply.

Refresh and re-purpose your content to take on board this new point of view, interviewing finance managers and targeting them for your next webinar event focused on this specialist subject.

Listen and respond to the news

When there is an announcement in the news, you can take a position and write a commentary piece, linked to the pillar and providing a new promotion touchpoint on social media. This demonstrates your content is up to date and your organisation is canny and aware.

What next? Become the industry leader

Here's some Treat tips to stay at the top of the tree, and to keep your competition at bay:

  • Consider making your webinar event an "Annual Summit" on the topic; an unmissable event of high importance, planned into diaries well in advance with a prominent keynote speaker.

  • Re-run the playbook every year with fresh information, asking the same four questions.

  • Update your eBook month-on-month and year-on-year with new blog content generated from the customer questions and feedback

  • Publish "The Year in Review" and "The Year Ahead" content to increase credibility and authority as a company that's in it for the long term.


Download the playbook series here.

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