How credible content strengthens client relationships

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The professional services sector is under unprecedented demand for innovation, personalized service, and technology solutions. But because technical and service demands are high, you cannot lose sight of the very basics of professional services, which is credibility.

What’s this about credibility in marketing?

The trust that your clients have for your organisation, and their faith in your services is unlike any other type of business or product-led organisation. Whether you run an accountancy, a solicitors a financial planner or an agency -- your credibility is what your customers rely on first and foremost.

  • Restuarants talk about the customer experience

  • Product-based businesses talk about on quality or value

  • But, professional services need to talk about credibility.

Once your customers trust you and you have that credible, trusting relationship established and reinforced, that is when your discussions around innovation, accessibility and technology can take hold and move forward.

How do you build that credibility?

The easiest way is through authentic, relevant content. Trust is reinforced through key messages in your communications and support your efforts in client and business development.

Authenticity comes from the top

The directors and managers of your organisation understand your client’s concerns, and understand the direction of your markets and the risks that prevail. Speaking in the first person, content in an interactive Question and Answer style puts your management team in the position of knowledge, authority, and of essential leadership that is the foundation of authentic, credible communications – leading to strengthened client relationships.

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