Mining gems and creating long-form content: Successful copywriting for your new hot topic

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

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You've done the interview. You have your recording. And your transcript.


Step One.

First, mine the gems,. And by that, we mean pick up the absolutely crystal clear, eloquent, powerful statements from the session as pull quotes.

Use these pull quotes to illustrate blogs, Instagram posts, to humanise and personalise your content, and most of all give it a heart and soul.

Save this content in an easy-to-copy format, ready for canva, memes, tiles and tweets. Don't forget to attribute the quotes with the full name, job title and organisation.

Step Two.

Second, draft a personal branding piece for your director, built around their story for why this issue is important and needs to be solved (by your company). Make this around 500 words, and prepare it to publish as "article" content on LinkedIn. but, don't publish it yet. Once published, it will put your followers (and your directors followers) on notice that the topic is now important and people need to pay attention.

Save this content to be re-purposed. Ways you can re-use this content would be the opening introduction of your e-book, personal blog on your website, and to provide illustrations and backlinks to your pillar content.

Step Three.

Third, take the challenge (Question 1) and a summary of the 3 reasons (Question 2) and build a pillar page on your website.

Aim to have this content written with in-depth analysis and commentary on each of the 3 reasons identified in Question 2. Make the content easy to navigate with anchor tags and break up with illustrations and CTAs. Your content should exceed 2500 words.

This long-form pillar page will help your SEO and position your company on the first page, or even first for your topic on Google. Make sure to track your current position on Google, so you can see your progress as your position improves over time.

Step Four.

Finally, create 3 individual blog posts for the 3 reasons, and link them to support your pillar page. These 3 blogs could be positioned as "5 things you need to know about X" or "The future of Y" or "Subject Z and why it matters right now". Link everything together - your blogs to your pillar, and your pillar to your blogs. Don't forget your CTAs.

Download the playbook series here.

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