Harbour Studios: Growing the brand through collaborative relationships

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Collaboration builds community. We want to celebrate all the collaborative relationships that we have helped to nurture Harbour Studios through their brand launch.

The studio exists to support the local business community, and it's essential that the brand personality and messages speaks to that community in a collaborative, cooperative and open way.

The location of the studio, and the type of shared business support they provide gives the studio unique opportunities to work locally, regionally, and nationally with a range of business partners.

In this blog, we explore how Treat helped to create formal business partnerships and relationships, the social and sports club affiliations, and an exciting organic social campaign to promote the culture at Harbour Studios.

National platforms

The studio is registered with NearU, an app that helps connect those looking for a shared workspace with availability in their local area. Working proactively with their marketing team, we were able to secure a blog swap, backlinks, and a social media boost for Harbour Studios. We forwarded a LinkedIn article from HS Director Mark Green, "Making work hubs work for you: Top 10 tips for success", and NearU featured Harbour Studios in a listicle "3 British seaside spots for your workcation”, sharing the blog on LinkedIn.

Local work hubs

Harbour Studios worked with Devon Workhubs for years under their previous brand. Treat reached out and updated the branding, description of the workspace and images on the website.

We also reached out to new providers of shared workspaces, including Nicky Harding at start-up Meet Devon. Harbour Studios is now signed on to their portfolio of meeting spaces in Devon, with Treat identifying the opportunity and supplying the images and copy for the online profile.

Promoting the Harbour Studios culture

Sports clubs

The Torbay Business Cycling Club meets on the 2nd Friday of each month. Riders of all abilities are encouraged, and nobody is left behind, making it a social and business networking event.

Social clubs

Social clubs are invited to hold networking events in the informal wifi coffee lounge, with room for 10-12, a fridge and buffet/bar for serving refreshments.

Creating a new harbour hashtag

We collaborated with local businesses to showcase the cultural side of working at Harbour Studios. Making the most of our position on the harbour, and working with the local hospitality community, like Wesup and Below Decks, Bays Brewery and distillers like Coastal and Deck Chair Gin, we created something completely new!

#TorbayFriday was created to celebrate the feeling of being on Torquay Harbour in the summertime after an amazing work week. There's no better reason to head out to a local establishment to raise a glass!

This completely new campaign was created in partnership with videographer Hugh Murth Visuals and featured on Instagram as posts, reels, and stories. The content was tagged and shared widely to promote the happy hour vibe.

Pride in our ability to collaborate

We're incredibly proud to work with Harbour Studios and their partners on these collaborative efforts, and we look forward to working with them more over the coming weeks with seasonal offers and new opportunities to support the business community in Torbay.

Take a closer look

Does your marketing agency actively look for ways to collaborate and partner with other local businesses? When the community does well, we all do well - it's our philosophy here at Treat. Get in touch to learn how we can help grow your business organically through collaborative relationships.

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