Show your clients what you are made of.

B2B content marketing for professional services

Treat is here to help. With 30 years of experience in business development management and marketing of professional services, Treat is uniquely positioned to get your message across.

Our low-effort packages communicate your expertise, your brand, and your products in a range of formats and promote across every digital platform.

Treat builds your credibility.

Connect with your clients through content

Treat offers a fresh take on content marketing in professional services through unique listening exercises, Q and A sessions, and professionally copywritten content.  The content is fully scalable from the length of a tweet and eye-catching infographics, to full-length executive briefing papers and events.

It's easy to get started.

3 steps to content delivery that gets results

Treat offers a range of content and publishing options to deliver your key messages and brand personality to clients  -- showcasing your knowledge in a relevant and authentic way.

 Step 1

Deep Listening

Interviews that showcase your expertise

Specialist research and curated interview questions ask the tough questions of your organisations leadership, leading to a deep understanding of the value of your professional services.  These conversations inform the brand personality, your USP and your organisations expertise and experience.

 Step 2

Content Creation

Authenticity is everything

In a crowded market, authentic and relevant content that is outward looking, fresh and real is what clients are looking for today.  Long gone are tinned marketing pieces about trust in your services - these days, you have to earn it.  Treat creates the content that gets attention from existing clients and get results from new business opportunities.

Step 3

Audience targeted publishing

Laser-focussed delivery

Treat has a unique ability to extend the value of the content across a range of platforms and formats.  Using easy-to-understand content delivery calendars, marketing pieces are re-cut and timed for maximum impact across a range of channels in digital, print and media.

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